Electronic Dance Music ( EDM ) is the biggest selling and hottest musical genre in the world today. This summer give your aspiring young musician an opportunity to learn the basics of electronic music production and performance. Using state of the art software and hardware our campers will learn how to use technology and songwriting skills to create their own beats, tracks, and soundscapes. Through our partnership with Korg USA, this one-week summer camp will give your child the opportunity to use cutting edge tools and techniques to help them express their musical talent.


  • Song Writing Basics

  • Creating and working with Beats

  • Working with Samples and Loops

  • Production Techniques

  • Mixing and Mastering

  • Korg Gadget software, Korg Oscillator Pro, Korg DJ controller, Koass

  • FL Studio software

This camp is for beginner and intermediate musicians who want to learn to create Electronic Music.

Don't play an instrument? NO PROBLEM, Today's software allows anyone to be able to create their own beats, melodies, and harmonies without having knowing how to play an instrument. Our teachers and expert staff will guide campers through the entire creative process.

The camp will conclude with the performance of the camper tracks at Musicology Performance Center's main stage. So bring your family and friends to dance and chill at the EDM camp after party!

**Mac or PC laptop required for the class

Camp Dates: July  22nd to 26th  / 10am to 3pm
Camp Costs: Contact for details
10% off camp if students enroll by March 31st, 2019



Musicology Performance Center is proud to present our Summer Build Your Own Ukulele Camp, a Uniquely Uncommon Ukulele experience!!!

What do Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Taylor Swift and Neil Armstrong have in common? If you said, play the Ukulele you're right! The Ukulele is one of the most fun and easiest stringed instruments to learn. Most people can start strumming songs within minutes of picking up their first Uke.

Our campers will start their camp experience by building and decorating their very own Ukulele. Go crazy with color or put on some rhinestones...make that Uke Unique!!

Over the course of the week, campers will learn different chords and rhythms, and the proper technique for the instrument. In addition to the chords and rhythms, the students will collaborate and learn to play several classic and modern songs. Each day the students will not only learn the fundamentals of the Ukulele but also play music with others, building confidence and making new friends. The camp will end on Friday with a performance at the Musicology Performance Center. The students can invite a few friends and family members. Do not miss out on an amazing experience!

Camp Dates: July 29th through August 2nd /  10am to 3pm
Camp Costs: Contact for details
10% off camp if students enroll by May 31st, 2019

 | 2 WEEK PROGRAM (Ages 8+)

This summer give your aspiring young musician an opportunity of a lifetime. Musicology Performance Center and Vudu Studios present the “Song Writing / Recording Experience Summer Camp”. Join us for a two-week songwriting and studio production summer experience featuring professional songwriters in a world-class Vudu recording studio.

The first week will be held at The Musicology Performance Center and will focus on writing, arranging and pre-production of original songs. Campers will collaborate to write songs focusing on music, lyrics, melodies, harmonies, and arrangement. Under the guidance of our talented instructors, our campers will learn about what it takes to express their emotions and ideas through song, how to arrange the material and bring it to life. Campers get to bring their musical ideas, get real time feedback from professionals. Please note: On August 7th we will also be treating the campers to a trip to Dave & Busters!

Our second week will be held at Vudu Studios. Our campers get the experience of recording their newly written material in a state of the art professional studio where bands like Fuel, Skid Row, Brand New, The Pixies, As Tall As Lions and The Dear Hunter have recorded some of their best albums. Our campers will get hands-on training and experience multi-track live recording in VuDu Studios with the incredibly talented Mike Watts guiding them through the recording process. Mike has been a producer for bands such as The Dear Hunter, As Tall as Lion, Gates, and others. His extensive production and mixing work has been featured on various albums as well as film and television.

This is an absolutely unique opportunity for the aspiring musician, recording engineer or songwriter to get a sense of how music is made today. Our campers not only walk away with an exciting experience, but they also get a professionally recorded CD of songs that will last a lifetime.

( This camp is for intermediate and advanced musicians)

Camp Dates: August 5th through August 16th /  10am to 3pm
Camp Costs: Contact for details
10% off camp if students enroll by March 31st, 2019

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