The Musicology Vocal Ensemble is devoted exclusively to the performance of Pop, Rock, and Soul music. Our ensemble was created to provide an outlet for vocalists of all levels and backgrounds to explore contemporary music in a supportive and fun environment. Students in our ensemble will get an in depth focus on learning all of the important vocal techniques such as: Vocal Warm Up Routines, Breath Support, Range, Strength/Projection, Intonation, Harmony, Theory, Improvisational Exercises, Ear Training, Performance skills, developing a diverse repertoire, and gaining the confidence to overcome stage fright. The ensemble will prepare a selection of songs to perform at various events through out the year. Artists such as Elton John, Green Day, Billy Joel, The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Queen, Journey, Whitney Houston, Celine Dione and many more will be incorporated into the weekly curriculum. Students will receive either a 30 or 45 minute weekly lesson, and a 1.5 weekly rehearsal.